The Man on Fun!

Bob is an astronaut and he is known as the Man on Fun. One morning Bob cartwheeled to work and on the way he stopped to get some caramel toffees and a colouring book.  Quickly he shot into Space in his colourful rocket.

A short while later Bob landed on Planet Fun it was a a large, violet planet.  Bob had to clean the computer because it was mucky.  When he was cleaning the computer he bumped into a pink and fluffy heart.  Bob climbed into his rocket and saw some shapes by some green sticks.  He was getting hungry.

At lunch time Bob’s friends Rose from Neptune and Milly from Saturn came for lunch.  Bob had jam sandwiches, crunchy prawn cocktail crisps and ginger coloured carrot cake.  When Bob had finished his picnic he and his friends played noughts and crosses.

After that Bob entertained the tourists by dressing up as aliens.  Then he sold the tourists bags of hearts and he talked about planet Fun and the sharp shapes.

Before Bob went home he checked there was nobody left behind in the pink heart tunnels.  After that Bob climbed into his shiny rainbow rocket.  When Bob got home he watched some dino cartoons then he went to bed.  What a wonderful day Bob had!