Man on Red Stream

Bob is an astronaut and he is known as the Man on Red Stream.  Bob slowly drove to the launch pad but on his way he stopped for his favourite book and some toffees. Bob climbed into his shiny metal rocket.  Then he flew to planet Red Stream.

A short while later Bob landed on red hot Red Stream.  Bob could see a scarlet bubbling volcano in the distance. When he climbed out he realised there were crumbs everywhere.  Then Bob swept until it was sparkling.

At lunch time Bob’s friends Jack from Jupiter and Violet from Venus came for lunch.  Bob enjoyed eating cooked bacon sandwiches, tasty chicken sticks, brown chocolate cake and some juicy pears.  Bob and his friends had a jolly time looking at the colourful stars.

After that Bob did some perfect fidget spinner tricks for the tourists.  Later Bob sold bags of red dust, tasted tasty space food and played ball games.  Before Bob went home, he checked in the deep red craters to be certain that there were no more tourists left.

After that Bob boarded his metal shiny rocket then flew back home.  When Bob arrived home he watched TV.  What a busy day Bob had!